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is there any brits autun area?

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Opposite the Leclerc in Autun is a Mr Bricolage. Can't think of any others of the top of my head. There is a big zone commercial Chateau Chinon road but I can't remember what stores are there.

A drive to Chalons would take you to Bricoman, much cheaper than most of the other DIY sheds. Takes a long time to wander around.

We are (occasionally) near to Nolay there are one or two builder merchants about but are expensive unless you can haggle or open an account.




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There is a Bricomarche which opened about six months ago on the outskirts of Autun at Bellevue. There is also a  Maxibrico in Arnay le Duc which although small is quite well stocked.

Good luck with your DIY


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There are a lot of Brits around Autun. We are actually in Cote d'Or but Autun isn't that far. We also get to Yonne and Nievre too.

Our daughter has a lovely French boyfriend who speaks excellent English and he is an electrician! She has such good taste! PM or e-mail us if you want an English speaking electrician. Definately who you know not what you know.



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