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looking for depot vente

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We have returned to UK after many happy years in France and now want to sell our French car.  I am looking for a Depot Vente Auto near Calais or Boulogne to come over and leave the car with them.  Cant find anything on Pages Jaunes.  Does anyone know of one  not too far from the ports?

Many thanks

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Have you asked a garage in France?  It might sound obvious but we bought our second-car through a garage in the ordinary way.

Our car was sold to the garage by an English lady who went back to live in the UK.  We found out about it because a forum member kindly tried to get hold of the owner for us after I posted on the forum about the sort of car we were looking for.

Unfortunately, by the time the kind forum member found the owner, she'd sold it to a garage.

It's certainly worth a try because I was told that the owner got a very good price from the garage.  We would have preferred to have dealt direct with the owner but, in the event, the garage sorted out a couple of minor things and gave us a 6-month warranty so we were very happy with our purchase.

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