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We have just moved to the area (just outside Magnac Laval) and would be interested to know if there is anywhere we could go for french lessons. We know only the very basics and are keen to ingraciate ourselves with the locals. What are your experiences of picking it up as you go along?

We're confident of our children (aged 2&4)picking it up when they start school/nursery but we are two 30 somethings and we have a little less faith in ourselves!!!

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You could try your local Familles Rurales office. Ask at the Marie.
They are certainly cheap and it will introduce to other British people living in your area too.
On a more personal note I would highly recommend the Michel Thomas course.
Good luck
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Don't know about french lessons in your area but I go to our local school, free, and join in with the children who are having extra french lessons. The teacher is brilliant, speaks fluent english. There are three other english children aged from 13 to 16 and 3 chinese and algerian, all the same age range. Its worth asking.

But we have learnt most of our french from french tv, radio, books and our very patient neighbours. Only one of our neighbours speaks english but 12 months on we have very in depth conversations, albeit with basic vocabulary but its growing day by day. If you show interest in learning I am sure they will help. No situation now daunts us really.
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