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Mairie of Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche

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Try not to be pessimistic.
In almost 100% of my dealings with French people, both in, and out of authority, I have found them to be charming, helpful, and polite.
There's always one exception who proves the rule, but in my experience, they are a rarity!

They LOVE it if you can speak some French to them.

On a campsite once, I overheard a lady in a group I was in conversation with, say about me: "I could listen to him talk all night, Isn't his accent lovely?", and only then realised that to some French people, an Englishman speaking French is the same as a Frenchman speaking English to us.

Should have known it, and cashed in on it in my youth!!

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Hi, I cannot help with the mairie at St Yrieix but we are not far and come under Chateaux Cherix. We had a meeting with the mayor with our Parisienne neighbours translating. I found him very welcoming. I think with hindsight we should have gone on our own and just "give it a go". They were all chatting away at an incredible speed I was well and truly lost. Next visit will be Easter if I can get it arranged we will see him again. We have been given forms to fill out for an application to have a fossie installed, they appear very complicated. I have already ask on the forum about that one.

Just like everyone else I have found everyone to be very helpful and welcoming.

bon chance


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