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First question - We are looking for Emmaus 'shops'. We live in Jarnages, 15k East of Gueret. We know the Emmaus shop in Montlucon, and also another one further north (about an hour and a half drive away) but wonder if there are others any closer to us? We've tried the Emmaus website (lots of info but no apparent shop info that I could make out) and they don't appear to be in Yellow Pages. So if anyone within an hour or so of Gueret knows of an Emmaus, we'd be really grateful for the address.

2nd Question - Tried to find out above with a 'second hand' search in the Forum, and got half a dozen matches. I clicked on the first one, then tried to go back to the list of matches to look at the next one and got a "post not cached" blank page. Had to go right back to the beginning and do the same search all over again - this happened four times and then I got fed up keep waiting for it to re-search every time and gave up. What is the proper way to search to stop that happening? All replies gratefully received!
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>First question - We are looking
>for Emmaus 'shops'.
Use this link and imput your department number, or the department near you, it gives all the Emmas shops in France

Had to go right
>back to the beginning and
>do the same search all
>over again - this happened
>four times and then I
>got fed up keep waiting
>for it to re-search every
>time and gave up.

I have a PC at home, not a Mac. I always 'right-click' on the link and choose 'open in a new window.' I usually do that with all the links on here, but especially a search, I really never click straight through.

Cheers! Belinda

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