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Caravan wanted

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Hello, I sent you an email but think you may not have had it as there has been no response. We have a caravan for sale, and live in Lussac les Eglises, about 10 miles north of Magnac Laval on the D7. We are about an hour from Limoges. I won't put the price as it might be deemed advertising, but our email is Evans.patricia@wanadoo.fr or our phone number is 0555-606923
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We are looking to sell our 4-berth Avondale Corfu touring caravan. It's an end bathroom model with cassette loo, separate shower, fully equipped kitchen etc. It's in very good condition. We live near La Souterraine about 45 mins from Limoges. If you're interested feel free to email me on davendullee@yahoo.co.uk

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