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Reconnaissance To The Limousin Region

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Hi All!

We are off on a recce of the Limousin beginning of April, in readiness for our impending permanent move later this year (along with most of the UK it seems!), once retired from police.
Havenot decided exactly where we would like to lay our hats, it all seems really nice. I have a preference for Correze around Brive-La-Gaillarde, but will have a good look around the other Departments on the way down.

I would welcome some input from those with knowledge/experience of the region, those lucky to be living there now!
Adviceon some good towns/places to visit on our week in the region would be greatly appreciated. Any tips, pointers towards good estate agents etc. Have been looking on the net but to be honest, it's all getting a bit overwhelming. Up 'till now, we've just been browsing, dreaming, and keeping up to speed on this forum. Now reality is kicking in, not that many months to go and am getting worried!

Any tips on B & B's as well please.

Thanks in anticipation,

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We have been here for three years now and still love it! We have a campsite B&B just 1KM within the Creuse and over 60% of our visitors last year were looking to buy. happy to say that we now have 3 new lots of permanent neighbours (1.e. within 10 KM) and 4 new holiday home owners. Our website gives a brief overview of the area www.leschenauds.com. even though the email link seems to have stopped working. Always happy to advise.
Our only regret - we didn't move here years ago.
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Try www.immoblierbonjour.com, Doris and Graham, the speak fluent french and are brilliant immobliers. Very helpful, straightforward and don't show you things you don't really want to see.

And if you decide to look at the Haute Vienne, its lovely and ideal for Limoges airport, property prices are good too, let me know

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We moved to Creuse between Gueret & Bouganeuf in December. The countryside is lovely - a bit like a cross between Wales & the Chilterns. If you like walking or riding it's the place to be! The people have been wonderful, we're in a hamlet of 5 houses, only two permanently inhabited, and the neighbours invited us round for Christmas dinner. We nearly bought a house in Correze south of Felletin but it seems to be much colder there. Even here it's pretty cold but we've just had 2 weeks in the 20's. Good luck!
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