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Is anyone interested in a small gardening job - approx 1000sq m of grass to cut. Not looking for an immaculate garden - just to keep the grass less than jungle like.

The garden is reasonably well maintained at the stage and want to ensure that it stays this way.

The garden is situated in nr Bessines j23.1 off A20 Dept 87
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Hi Kent,
My brother-in-law, Roger, will be staying at our Mill south of Lauriere, from mid-May for some time.
He would be interested in any gardening work that you may have.
Do you have a mower suitable to cut 1000 sq metres ?.

If you are interested Roger is a certified wooden boat builder & is great with timber, carpentry & general maintenance / rebuilding work.
He is doing some work for me at the Mill, but would be interested in staying on if there was some local work availabe.

If you want to discuss further then email me.

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