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Well back in the UK today but still on a complete high having signed the final acte de vente on our house in Fromental (near Bessines, Haute Vienne)yesterday.

It was a great day - the signing itself was an education and my french struggled to keep up by everyone was friendly and happy.

We went to the house in the afternoon and were visited by the lady we had purchased from so that she could show us how everything works. I struggled with "la cournaille" and the need to "ramoner la chiminee" but eventually managed to work out what she meant. Then the Maire turned up to welcome us - which saved us the daunting prospect of a visit to the Mairie to introduce ourselves.The final event was to go to the insurance company and get the house and the yet to be moved in contents insured. Not too bad once we managed to work out the surface area of the "batiments".

It was a great day, the people were welcoming and friendly the only downside was locking up the house and coming home last night. Can't wait to get back out there.

If anyone is on the brink and wondering if they should buy somewhere I have to say YES it is

Is it Friday yet?
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Well done!

We had our place on the 10th of March for one year and have to say, we have no regrets. Other half is there at the moment sorting out the kitchen and organising a fossie and a small part of the roof needing repair. We enjoy the challenges of sorting out these projects as we see it as preparing for the future. Good luck and enjoy!

regards Jane

PS We will be back at Easter and I am counting the days.
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Thanks Kent - we are just (hopefully?!) about to sell up here and head off to look for our dream house. I never thought when the day finally approached that I would be this nervous, but I suppose giving up two steady, fairly well-paid jobs and a house we love to become unemployed and homeless is a bit of a leap in the dark. However I know that we won't regret it, and it is reassuring to read your post.

All the very best with your new venture!
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We will be celebrating 10 years of ownwership at Easter and it was one of the best things we've ever done - and we did it very much on a wing and a prayer ! Every time we go it gets harder to leave / come back and I can't wait for the day when we don't have to ! Good luck .
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We are in a similar boat - bought just over a year ago and coming back at Easter for the last few DIY touches

I know you shouldn't wish your life away but can't wait to retire!.....sadly(!) a few years to go yet

The only trouble with coming to the house (near St Mathieu) is having to come back to UK again........
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Hi All

We had a great Easter with lots of work in the house and garden. I was luckily enough to spend just under a fortnight. my poor husband had to return to England for half of my break. The weather was pretty kind most of the time and I managed to sit outside in the sunshine a couple of lunchtimes, bliss. We visited the market at Objat which I highly recommend every Sunday. Also found another one which is always on the 18th of the Month whatever day that falls on at la Coisille sur Briance not far from St Germaine les belles. I think it can be quite a country market. The weather that particular day was very wet which was a shame.

Regards Jane

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