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Oil Fired Boiler & Tank Required

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I am coming over to my house in 87 nr le-dorat at the begining of May with aplumber freind of mine and intend to fit a oil fired boiler to my existing central heating rads. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a Le-Blanc boiler and above ground outdoor oil tank, near us or in the limoges area. Any help would be appreciated.
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There is a builders merchant in Dorat called Dorat Materiaux it is on the route to Mounismes just over the bridge on the left hand side as you are going towards Bellac it deals with everything including boilers etc and does a delivery service try there very reasonable prices as well .Theres also another in Montmorillon I can't remember the name if you would like it let me know and I can get it from the phone book . Good luck .
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'and above ground outdoor oil

I think that you will find that these are not permitted in France generally. You have to have them inside a building.
If you check with a local installer, I'm sure that you will find them more than willing to divulge the necessary information.



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