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Montmorillon (86) Marche de Nel

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Okay, so were not strictly speaking in Central France but were right on the borders and it would be such a shame if you folks missed out!

Hope you can come and see us up in the heart of the Cit de l'crit (the old part of Montmorillon)

Not to be confused with a smaller (but still very nice expo cadeaux) just off the Place de Le Clerc.

We're one of 20 or so artisans exhibiting.

Open Friday 19th - 24th December 10am - 7pm (8.30 Saturday)

Happy Christmas
Paul & Sharon
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I think you are so brave to do this. Good luck, hope you sell lots and lots. Sharon's work looks very good and one day we'll appear on your doorstep - might even trundle to Montmorillon market. I have a store cupboard full of limited edition prints and notelets that ONE DAY (when we've finished the house)I'll start marketing. Always feel embarrassed when it comes to my own work.

Happy Christmas!

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Thanks for highlighting this website. Given that the company is earning at least 1p per minute for the call, I wonder how many call centres intentionally make callers queue listening to music and adverts before being connected? Their queuing message should really be Were grateful for the delay, your call is important to us and you business appreciated at the rate of 1p per minute!

A couple of other points if youre dialling 0870 numbers in the UK:

Although the company may say calls charged at national rate the calls will not come out of any inclusive call value you may get from your telephone provider. There dont seem to be any cheap deals to 0870 numbers, even from telephone providers like One-Tel or TalkTalk etc.

Some mobile operators charge separately for calls to 0870 numbers for example with O2, calls come out of your inclusive minutes allowance but T-Mobile charges 10p per minute.

One 0870 number worthy of a mention if youre looking for cheap international calls is JustDial - 0870 790 4195. Although OneTel (and others) are cheaper from landlines, I use JustDial from my O2 mobile to call friends in Australia while Im at work (the time difference means the best time to call is around lunch time UK time). You dial the 0870 number and during the announcement dial the international landline number you wish to call. My calls are therefore free if I dont exceed my monthly call allowance.

PS: Beware of 0871 numbers they cost 10p per minute!
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