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Credit Agricole Du Languedoc English Customer Service


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I have  just transferred an amount to my CA account from a UK

account through HiFX. This morning I had a telephone call from a lady

who works in Nimes for CA Key Finance who explained that there was a

slight problem with the transfer and she was asked by the International

Division of CA to sort it out.

She went on to explain that she works in a team of 4 english persons

whose only remit is to look after English speaking account holders of CA

du Languedoc, and explained that if there were any other transactions

to be made for anything I only had to call and she would sort it out.

Now I can embark on Livret A's and other investments in the knowledge that I won't have to struggle with the system.

There may be other members of the Forum in a similar situation who may not know of this service.

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Here in Finistère (29) there has always been an english speaking person in their overseas dept at CA Head Office,even when nearly 22years ago we opened our account with them and were still new to french banking and there was no internet let alone computers like today to fall back on for info.
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And for those of us who were assured an english speaking empoyee at Credit Agricole Normandie, then opened our accounts, took our money, and then reneged on providing us with english speaking emplyees.

Who do we phone???????

I have tried Britline but they are limited in their level of help
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