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Can anyone give me some information about getting around without your own transport when you have a house in a rural backwater?

My husband would like to do a short visit to our house on his own but I am the driver as he is partially sighted and I am wondering about the logistics of the exercise. I read on a recent previous posting that there are always taxis at Limoges Airport so that gets him from the airport to our house but once he is there although he wont want to go out hardly at all he wont want to feel a complete prisoner.

Is it feasible/cost effective to get the number of a nearby taxi service and use it whenever necessary? How expensive are taxis in France? Would be grateful for any suggestions.

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I'm the driver, wife's the partially sighted non driver.

She used Limoges Taxi (05 55 38 38 38) on Sunday, from the airport. About 80 to Rancon area, on the meter. I booked the taxi a couple of days in advance and they were there to meet her.

She's off to town this morning on a pre-booked taxi, return trip to Magnac Laval. Just over 20 for a return trip, 10 km each way. Interestingly, has to pay by cheque, won't take cash.

So, no problem
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