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Anyone near Magnac Laval. Department 87.

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Is there anyone close to Magnac Laval or St. Leger Magnazeix who would be willing to give us a short amount of their time between June 21st-30th?
We have recently purchased in this area and hope to be full-time residents around May next year, however with very little knowledge of the French language (at the moment but we are working on it) we are unsure of protocol etc. and do not wish to unwittingly offend.
So, if you are this person who could make time for a couple of old codgers it would be greatly appreciated.

Dolly (87).
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Dolly, what kind of help are you after? I'm sure if you post details of what you think you will need help with somebody will be able to give you a "steer".

don't be shy with your questions, we've all dropped clangers that make us cringe in hindsight...ermm..no, I'm not going to share any of mine!

regards Mike
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LAST EDITED ON 11-Jun-04 AT 10:45 PM (BST)

We're a little up the road near Montmorillon. If you want to ask a question we'll answer if we can and say 'don't know' if we can't.
We can recommend the French lessons at the APP in MM. Great teacher and we made some good friends there.
As for etiquette, play dumb but willing to learn. Ask you French neighbours and most will get a buzz out of 'educating' you.

Good Luck

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