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Finding a builder + Fossie installation 87

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Can anyone help, we have quite a few jobs needing to be done and I would like to contact a reliable builder. We are not far from St Yriex la Perche.

We visited le marie regarding the fossie and came away with a folder full of forms to fill out. It appears very technical information they want and we do not have a clue. So any info regarding how to get the ball rolling on that also would be most gratefully received.

We are over for a long weekend on the 6th of Feb (sounds terrible went at the moment).

Living in hopes!


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We are near St.Mathieu, and our fosse was done by Bissirieix Terrassements.Malbati 16150 Chassenon .05 45 89 30 24

He is VERY busy, as are all French builders etc, so expect a wait of 6 months or so.

VERY good job though, and turned up and did it exactly when he said he would, also arranging to do it while we were there.

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We had to get a firm to do an 'assainissement' to put in the application for the fosse at the Mairie. This is a report, something like a surveyor's report, on the type of soil and all the other details, and a plan of the site, and where the fosse is going etc. Then the firm that's going to install the fosse has to sign the report before you can submit it to the Mairie. The report alone cost us quite a lot. There is a very good firm at Levroux (36) if that is not too far away. They came straight away to price the job, and we only had to wait a month after accepting the devis. Contact me if you would like details of the firm.

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Thought I would let you all know how wonderfully helpful my French neighbours have been regarding the fossie. They arranged for an official from Limoges to come and inspect the land. They also sorted out test holes, filling them with water and doing timings to check the drainage (its bad). We now know where the fossie will have to go and we will also need a pump. They have been so helpful. He is also going to get the builder that did his fossie (he has the same land conditions as use) to give us a quote!

I feel like we are beginning to get somewhere. We are not based in France yet and as you all know timings to arrange work can be difficult.

Regards Jane

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