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Please help us
We're a couple who have been living in France for 3 years but now need to make the (unexpected) move back to the UK.
We have two loveable geese (one that lays)... four ducks & three hens - all layers.
We live in the Charente region (upper charente so can deliver or have picks up from the Loire) & if you can't pick up we will deliver them to you in September just before we move, we have piccies we can send. We don't want to give them to our french friends for fear they'll eat them. So if anyone can help that'd be excellent.
They are not much bother & are all friendly (esp. the hens & even the geese)
So if you can spare a moment for two desperate people who want to see their pets well looked after please email a reply asap
Mark & Suzy
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Hi Mark and Suzy
We are moving to a farm near La Souterraine(Bellac side) in mid September and our 3yr old is determined that we are to have lots of ducks and hens, Geese would be good to, as we will miss the 65,000 wintering geese that we have where we live now. If this is of any help please let us know. They would be in good hands as we have kept plenty of poultry before.The farm has plenty water, space, buildings etc, and I'm sure that they would get on fine with 90 cows, 3 horses and 3 dogs.
Hope to hear from you soon

Graham,Paula(vet)and Fergus(3)
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