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Hi, my name is Dawn and me and my family are moving to hamlet just outside Lauriere 87 in August, our son is 16 just finished
college so having a break from education for a while. We intend to integrate in village life but would also be nice to meet some
English people for a chat and a glass of wine. We are about 21kms south of La Souterraine, near Fursac and Marsac

look forward to hearing from you
Dawn - dept 87
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Hi there - we are in Fromental - so close to you. We have a 12 year old and 14 year old. Not living there permanently yet but will be out next weekend and then for 10 days until 1st August.

We've found the people in our village extremely friendly and helpful and we can't wait to be there permanently. Would love to hear how your move went

Kate 87

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Hi Dawn

We're moving to Fursac in mid September (I have a year off work to test the water). Fursac is a lovely little village/town and our neighbours have been so, so lovely. None of them speak English so the conversation is fine until alcohol is involved - then it gets a little more difficult to try and understand everything!

I have a daughter of 18 at University here in the UK - so she'll only come out for some of the holidays.
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Hi Dawn,

We live very near you - in the Commune de Folle which is just a couple of Kms north of Lauriere. In fact we visit Lauriere at lot!
We've lived here for just over a year and love it. Give us a ring on 05 55 71 30 07 when you get here and we'll meet up if you like

David, Sally & the fury gang!

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