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Insuring English Caravan in France Advice Please

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Has anyone been successful in finding an Insurance Company that will insure an English caravan in France? Has aonyone managed to obtain a Carte Grise for an English caravan? Any advice welcome
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It is fairly easy registering a car in France, but when it comes to a caravan we found that it would involve an awful amount of messing about. The caravan basically has to conform to French standards which involves changing all the electrics to continental sockets, getting all the appliances tested to ensure they meet the specs and so on. You then have to supply details on all aspects of dimensions and capacities for the DRIRE (or dept of Mines, or something like that!). The document that we were supplied with was about fifteen pages long that had to be completed. Eventually we decided not to bother and keep it on UK plates!
If you want to continue, the local Prefecture will give you the appropriate documents.
good luck!
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