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Does anyone out there know of a good cattery ideally around the Chateauroux, Argenton sur Creuse, La Chatre areas?  There a couple in the Yellow Pages; one our vet told in not so many words wasn't to be recommended and when I rang the woman sounded very cagey, which put me off.  Another one we went to visit and it was disgusting and I would never leave my cat there.  I'm hoping that perhaps someone knows of one that isn't advertised but is known via word of mouth or through their vets.  We're prepared to travel quite a distance if necessary.

Here's hoping   Seems there's a definite gap in the market round these parts for anyone wanting ideas as to how to make some money.

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One of our ads is for a cattery at Sarlat which is quite a distance but here it is.

Tel 05 53 31 95 88 or Email david.knight@wanadoo.fr Siret No 451 429 724

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