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Le Club Anglais ( Montlucon ) Not what it seems

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Le Club Anglais which meets in Montlucon three evenings per month is not what it seems.  The name is a misnomer, for the club was formed 28 years ago by the Chamber of Commerce Montlucon for French persons to meet and improve their use of the English language  through  conversation.  Up until 2 years ago it met only once for English conversation but with the increase in English membership they introduced a French conversation evening.  The Club meets at the London Bar in Montlucon ( 1st Friday each month for English )  ( 2nd Wednesday each month for French ) and (3rd Tuesday each month for English )  Meetings start 6 p.m. and go on for about 2 hours.  Originally the meetings were of value for their Conversation evenings but they have become so popular that members come for the fellowship .   There are 54 Members about 10 of whom are English.   There are also social gatherings throughout the year and we are about to have our annual typical English Christmas lunch on Saturday the 11th December at COURCAIS.

More information available if interested

Les Favets

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