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Searching for lost contacts

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Hello all


I am looking for someone I was in contact with in 2003 when I still lived in the U.K called Natalie.  Her username here was Silkie and mine was userdav.  She was an artist and was looking for information on Depts 19,23,87 Schooling for her children (I remember that she had twins and also an asthmatic son) and climates. I think she was from Kent. I  cannot find her on any of the forums now although I have noticed lots of other familiar names from my previous use of the site.  I was wondering if any one is still in touch with her or knows if maybe she has changed her username like me.  I would really like to get in touch and see how she's getting on so any info would be great. Cheers.


P.S If there is anyone else out there who I was in contact with, who recognises my old username I'd love to hear from you to!!

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