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Do I need fosse septique plans to have planning application approved

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Hi folks

I'll be putting in planning application to turn one of our farm buildings into a home.  It has no fosse septique facilities which we will be installing at a later date (before we live there obviously!). 

My question is this.... do I need to provide plans of what fosse septique system will be installed in order to have my planning application considered/approved.  I've been told that this is the case, but then again, I've been told an awful lot that turned out to be RUBBISH!

My property is in Haute Vienne, and I'd be grateful for any info/advice.


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We included our fosse plans when we submitted our planning application last year but our friends 5 mins down the road submitted their plans this year without any fosse details at all and they have just had plans passed with a footnote regarding the fosse just to say it must comply with the regs. (we are in 23)
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