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Fosse septique in Haute Vienne

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Hi folks

Does anybody have any personal experience (recommendations or warnings) of fosse septique installers in Haute Vienne.

Also, if your experience matched my requirements - it will need to service 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 kitchens - would you give me an idea of what yours cost.

Thanks very much.

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Ours was done by Bissirieix Terrassements at Chassenon, actually in 16, just over the border from 87, but we ARE only just in 87 ourselves, being 4km from the border of 24 and 10km from 16.

His address and phone number are in Pages Jaunes.

Done when he said it would be, it cost more than we expected, but new regs had just come in, (Feb 2003).

Can't remember the exact amount now, and the deatils are at the house in France, while I'm here in the rainy cool UK, but I expect it wouldn't be relevant now anyway.

It was for a renovation, which HAD two beds and WILL have 4, and consisted of a 3000 litre concrete tank, and drainage field, linked by an electric pump because of the lie of the land. It also has grease trap, and various inspection manholes.

Yes, I'd recommend him, but don't expect ANYONE to do it quickly, we waited 6 months from first visit to installation, and he's got even more work on now, apparently.


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We've almost had ours finished - just needs the trenches covering now it's been checked by the DDE.  We're in the southeast corner of 87, not far from Eymoutiers.  Ours is a 4000 litre tank for 4 bedrooms, with pre-filter and 75m of drainage running across the garden, costing 4600 euros.  we didn't have to wait long to get it done, but getting him here in the first place to do the devis was an uphill task!  Email me if you'd like the contractor's name.

Get along to your local mairie and pick up the HV dossier for 'assainissement'.  It tells you what to do (ie how to do the soil tests) and we found our 'local' technician really helpful, even helping us complete the form and drawing the plan for the system, ready to be copied onto the form.


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I  also live near Eymoutier and had a new fosse, two years ago, I used a ground worker from bujalef called mr jossan, he completed all forms and took care of the whole project as I lived in England. He was very efficient and charged me about £4000.00. I do not know where you live but I do not think he would travel far, he also did my driveway.Make sure your stink pipe stretches above your roof otherwise you will get smells in the garden we need to extend ours. I could fax you with a copy of the devis on tuesday if you would like. Good luck.
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