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We are considering the big move as an early retirement, however my better half who is a CORGI gas engineer and Plumber thinks he will be bored if he retires so do you think there will be a few jobs to keep his mind ticking over, registered of course.  He also currently runs  our sons football team and would lie to still be involved in helping out with a french team which would help him amd our 10 yr old intergrate. Does anyone have any experience with getting children involved in local teams.

Also I cant get my head round whether or not you can get SKY in Limousin, as they will hanker over SKY SPORTS and Square Pants and Sponge Bob!!!!!  

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We are in 23.  There is plenty of of work here for a qualified registered plumber  all the ones we know french and english are snowed under with work.

There are several local football teams around here and I know of a few English lads who attend my son isnt one of them yet but he is hankering on at me till I give in (its a transport problem)

You can deffinatly get SKY here choice of just free to air BBC etc

ITV package (we paid £20 one off payment for 3 years) but had to be organised through family in UK ie UK phone number to call SKY from and a UK address to send viewing card to.

or complete packages same applies as above plus UK bank account for direct debits to be made from.

There are loads of SKY installers about who provide the dish, box and installation we pais about 400 euros I think and I know maney people who brought all their equiptment with them and set it up themselves.

Hope this helps 

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Hi Benson

Very positive response as far as we are concerned, the work front seems good however we know how easy it is to get overloaded which is one of the reason for moving.  We really do want to retire and keep the plumbing/heating as something just to keep the mind active and of course a few extra euros would be nice.

As over here in the UK we work on reputation/recommendations alone no advertising necessary so it would be nice to do a little work and hopefully get to know a few people through this or maybe people have other services/advice we could swop with.


How old is your son out of interest did he fine it hard.  ours will be 10 and although not champing at the bit to get to france he has said he will give it a go but is very worried about school.  I am finding it hard to say it will be ok as I dont know if it will be.  I dont think it helps that his much older brother and sister will be staying in the UK.

Good news about sky I will need to ask more details when the move gets nearer.

Really appreciate the reply

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It seems to be nigh on impossible to get parents involved in running associations these days, so all volunteers welcome.

If he wants to coach, then he might have to do a course, I think that the govt has such courses run by Jeunesse et Sport, something like that.


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Hi bakerino

My son was 6 when we moved over to France and started school just before he turned 7 it was the easiest tranistion ever made.  It was me that did all the worrying!! on the first day he just got on the bus the only english child without knowing a word of French and off he went he is 8 now and has never cried or moaned once.  He absolutley loves it.

I also have a daughter who was 9 when we moved over soon to be 11 exactly the same as above.  She has never been happier.

They only stayed at their first schools for 6 months as we were in rented accomodation.  When we bought our property we moved maybe 40km and so they started a new school September.  No problems with that change either.

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Do you really think hell need to do a course? hes been running a kids team for the last 3 years and trains them everyweek without fail (despite my moans that everyone of our weekends are taken up) he hasnt got any qualifications but has done a childs protection course as all adults who are dealing with kids should do.  Its all for fun and purely voluntary and he would hate not to be involved when we move to france. 

Benson if you have a transport problem maybe we could help if we were nearby we are looking near Bourganeuf, St Leonards, Clugnat area.

Glad to hear your kids settle so quickly Im sure my will but he would probably prefer it id there was one other english child at the school.  Do yoy have to be carefull what school you pick or are they much of a muchness as they may affect where we move to.  also could your 9 year old speak any French before the move, we are currently all having lessons.  Also have they made plenty of Friends   

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We are sort of in the middle1/2 hrs drive to Bourganeuf one way and about 1 hr away from Clugnat the other way!! Its near Ahun.

As for schools once you have decided on your property you have to visit your local Mairie and you child will be registered at the school for that commune. My eldest is due to start college this September but wont be attending the same one as here friends from primaire as the commune we live in comes under a different district even thiough her designated college is further away!  We could ask for a demande exceptional but she seems fine with the circumstances at the moment so we will see. All the schools my children attended have been excellent. There was 1 english pupil in each before mine started but that was coincidence not choice and these pupils were told not to speak english to my kids as this would hamper their learning of the language.

No, no french was spoken by any of my kids prior to moving here.  Within 6 months they were pretty fluent and now after a years schooling they sound just like any other french child they think its great that they can talk to each other and I dont know whats being said! and are constantly correcting me!! 

They have made stacks of friends more french than english.

It doesnt seem to matter which bit of La creuse you move to at the moment there seems to be English families everywhere!!!

Although due to the massive area you seem to be all spaced out so its not like you see English everyday unless you know where to look for them.

Intergrating into the French community is what we wanted but the occasional meet up with English people is often appreciated for a good old natter in Mother tongue!!!!

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Hi Benson

Your kids sound great and really laid back about everything.  Our son is quite a confident capable young lad and Im sure he'll be fine however as you say we probably worry more than they do.  you have no regrets then the only other worry I have is will there be employment/ a future for him in France.  Does this concern you, mine you if he follows in his fathers footsteps and becomes a plumber/gas engineer maybe he'll be alright.

You dont need to answer this but do you have a business in France?

Did you have the opportunity to use this forum before you came over as its comforting to know there is English people you can ask questions.


I could talk for ages but youve probably got better things to do like sit in your garden and sup wine!!!  


Thanks for your help



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On the subject of employment for our kids I am aware that there is a shortage of jobs in rural France but even if my kids dont turn out to be particulally academic there is a wide range of courses availiable for more 'practicle' jobs plumbing, building, forestry etc and apprentiships are availiable.

Having the 2 languages spoken fluently plus any others they learn at college will be a huge bonus in any career path they take.

Many french move out of rural areas to gain work and this may be what our children will do. They may even return to England to work or any country for that matter.  They may have had similar problems finding work in the UK.  That is if they had survied the drugs, violence and teenage pregnancy that was taking over our area and they wouldnt have had the language or life experience theve gained from moving here.

My husband is a qualified french registerd builder (as he was in UK) (not french registered in UK:laugh

So my son could always follow on!

We are also renovating 2 gites as a supplimentary income for later life!

I did use this Forum for advice and info before we moved over.  Some good advice some not so.

We found everything much easier than expected and had lots of help and advice from the many people we have met here.

In my opinion things are easier once you get here but it dosent hurt to be over prepared!

I'd love to be sitting in the garden but its raining today  and theres far to much work to be done on the renovation.  We are still living 1/2 in a caravan 1/2 in the barn

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Did you mean your husband is "French" or "French registered".  Will it be easy for my better half to get registered in the gas/plumbing side?. Hes going to do an LPG CORGI qualifaication before we come over, does he need to get all his Qualifications translated.


Raining its not even raining here, in fact Ive been out supping wine on numerous occasions this week and have even got a watch mark from my tan.  matbe good old blighty isnt that bad.

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