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[quote]I have recently purchased a property in the Limousin region. Can anyone help with suppliers of central heating boilers (oil or LPG) and cooking appliances[/quote]


My place is just north of Gueret.

I,ve just had my house totally plumbed out with hot water tank etc but not central heating. Got the Cruise  (equivelent to economy 7) electricity. New bathroom, rewire, the lot off an English electrician and a Dutch bloke who are***** hot at every thing to do with houses. 

I've just let them do as they please and be creative and been over twice to see the progress which I'm delighted with. Although I can turn my hand to most things, I had to grasp the nettle and realise that it would take me years to do it a little at a time so got these two in. Plus they come up with great ideas if you allow them instead of trying to control them. Otherwise they just do as you want. They aren't cheap but they aren't rip off muchants like some I,ve seen first hand. And they're good fun too. They do as promised and don't bull*****. House only small so plenty of insolation and a wood burner to go in shortly. Can put you in contact if you want. One lives Montlucon side of Gueret and the other near Grand Bourg.If you are doing it all yourself matey, have you tried Brico Depot at Montlucon. Bit like B&Q. They seem to have most things and was the biggest I've been to yet. I just went anywhere that started with Brico (marche, depot, naut, e lerclerc etc) and had a look around. Also thought Castorama (I thinks It's called) at Limoges was realy good.  Seemed to have most things if I remember correctly. Have a look in Carrefour for cooking/kitchen appliances. One at Gueret. I'll be looking at most of above before buying. Know quite a few people over there that are plasterers, builders, carpenters. Some good, some leave well alone. One cowboy in particular has his own firm.

Hope this helps or gets other forum people with more knowledge to help.






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I have almost finished installing oil fired heating in our farmhouse, got a good deal on the boiler and also a free 1000 litre tank almost new from a friend who also has another to get rid of. Have done the plumbing myself on the english system ( header tank). Our hot water is on Chauffe Eau so the oil bit is CH only. With regard to oil supplies, there is a local network that orders in bulk from Leclerc in Gueret which works out cheaper than our local suppliers. have a word with your Mairie and see if such a network exists where you are. If you need any further info, let me know.

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