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Well despite having had our house for over a year now - the majority of our time has been spent on renovation. This time we have decided that this holiday is for sight-seeing and eating out. so i'd like to ask all you lovely people who love the Limousin as much as us to let me have any recommendations on restaurants, cafes, bars and things to do.

We are based in the Haute-Vienne not far from La Souterraine so anythng within say a 90 min drive would be great.



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Id love to be able to help more but we are in much the same position as you.  In the second year and spent most of the first either working on the house or just enjoying being there without wanting to go out much.  Would love to get hold of more places to visit and restaurants have been a bit out of our league (and our wardrobe) but can start you off with a few hints of nice places near us. 

Our house is near Bellac which has taken a bit of a pasting from people but is in fact very lovely if you make the effort to get off the lorry choked up main road and into the old back part.  There are several nice shops, restaurants and views.  Le Dorat is also a nice slightly smaller town near us with a good Limoges Pottery outlet that is very reasonable.  We had Chateauponsac recommended by a neighbour which we visited last time and that is very scenic with the river running through, a good museum apparently althought we didnt go round it and probably some good walks.  Mortemart is a small village near Blond which is one of France's pretty villages and worth stopping off at for a look round and a coffee.

I would be really interested to hear of some more lakes worth visiting as we have only been to Lac de St Pardoux and I get the impression that there are probably lots more smaller prettier lakes to visit in the locality off the beaten track.  Anybody know of any?

Out of interest what is La Souterraine like to visit as we havent been that way yet?

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Hi Hayley here,

Have you visited Lac Eguson on the Creuse ,it is absolutely beautiful in that area,on the day we went it was 30 degrees and was perfect for all the water sports that are available,also 3 very nice restaurants at the lakeside.


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