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Blow me , l am really depressed now, just had my compte  de vente, sent to me here in the UK, the estate agent said  we didn't need to come to france to sign and pay, do it in the uk, wow i thouight what service, they said they would tell me what was in it so no worries. l used the computer to translate said document, and low and behold what did l find, there is a right of way clause in it from the farmer next door, giving right of way to drive his tractors right through my garden. I spotted this when we went down there for the second time, l even asked the farmer about the track, he just shrugged his shoulders. Now l know why,    In  the contract it clearly states we knew about all this,  when in actual fact we didn't. You have really got to watch these people, the estate agent said he was sorry and didn;t know about the right of way.    Likely story.   As from now it seems we are in luimbo, can't see how this is going to change.watch this space .Anybody with similar stories.  The estate agents name was roger and thats just about what he will get if this all falls through. ha ha

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