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We bought a place last year close to Eguzon just off the A20 at J20, we are coming down to do some work on the property in June and are bring some friends can anyone recomend where to take them after work .

We have seen all round lake Eguzon but that's about it as we were working on the house most of the last visit

Place of interest.


Wine .

Entertantment etc.




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Theres a fairly english (french and english spoken) bar/restaurant near eguzon *the Cottage* all around Argenton there are nice restaurants and a good kebab shop.

Lots of the little villages around Argenton/Eguzon will have brocantes and fairs advertised locally in June.

Usually drag racing in Argenton in the summer, err venture to Limoges and see the potteries and go shopping.

Visit the Georges sands museum etc etc. St Benoit du Sault isn't too far and is fairly medieval and has alot of fairs in june/july/august

Depends what you want to eat/drink really as most places are better than the UK equivalent.



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We have a place near Crozant which is close to Eguzon. A couple of very good restaurants there and stunning views of the gorge and ruins. Also Gargilesse - it's one of the beaux villages de france and has a very good restaurant also. There is also a pretty chateau there in the centre of the village with an art gallery which is worth seeing plus the scenery is lovely. Can't remember when the chateau is open though, it closes part of the year and is only open in the tourist season, you'd need to check.


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Clearly all depends on what you enjoy doing!

Over the years we have visited Gargilesse (one of those most beautiful villages...).  Worth a visit, but no to our taste! Due south of you, follow the river: Crozant: gorge, ruined castle, restaurant. Amazing to see in winter when the river is in full spate, but worth a visit any time.  Fresseline, is you enjoy art and impressionists, as Monet was one of the artists who painted here.  Walks down by theriver, which is the confluence of the 2 Creuses. Further down, still on the Creuse, is La Celle Dunoise - very pretty houses by the river.  Quite a large settlement, but have only found one small shop there (if one needed some fruit, etc).  A restaurant by the bridge, have not visited it as was closed the day we thought of so doing!   Further along the river is Le Bourg d'Hem - a small settlement on a hill overlooking the river (a lake at this point).  One can go down to a sandy beach, lakeside with trees to the water's edge.  There is a cafe, where one can get snacks in the summer.  Quite well used but not crowded.  Good parking.  Continuing on, heading for the D940 Gueret to La Chatre road, Glenic, on this road is worth a visit as the old village, with a fortified church, sited above the main road, is worth seeing.    If you take the D940 up from Glenic, a few kms along, on the left is Le Moulin Noye, a hotel and restaurant, which is probably quite good (I have not visited it, but son went a few years ago).

All this is very gentle sight-seeing, of course.  For real excitment race down the A20 to Limoges!

Best wishes


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You could try "Argentomagus" just outside Argenton. It depends on the interests of your guests and when in the day you can take a break from work. Perhaps you could dedicate one whole afternoon to the site (archaeological not buiding!) followed by dinner in one of the great restaurants in Argenton.

    The web address is:   http://www.argentomagus.com/


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In Eguzon there are several eating/drinking establishments. The Hotel de France has a rather sedate restaurant and a more lively bar. They also run the disco in town: le Concept, can't imagine what it is like. Cafe des Sports has a pool table. At lunchtime the Cafe de la Poste does good, cheap meals. On the road towards the supermarket is a pizzeria, and opposite a creperie, which is run by the same people as the bakery next door. The Auberge du Pont des Piles is down towards the bridge and at the lake is the Moulins Noyes restaurant and the Bar de la Plage (don't think it is open in the evening). Over the lake at Fougeres beach are two cafe-bars, one has music some evenings, the other is a pizzeria and has other good food. The Cottage pub/restaurant, as mentioned, is nice. At Gargilesse, as well as the hotel, there is the George Sand bar-restaurant, where the menu is limited but good. Crozant has some smart restaurants and the cafe in the village street last year put on international evenings, including a fish and chip supper one night.


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