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Hi my names eiko and l will soon be living hopefully in france in the limoge area, l speak and write very good english ,and would like to meet any other of my felow countrymen if possible.  I am married to an englishman and soon hope to retire in the St Germain-Belles area. I hope to be on the phone soon and will post my number.

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Hi Eiko

I honestly don't know whether anyone Japanese is a member of this forum.

I know there are around 35,000 Japanese people living in France, but the vast majority live/work in Paris.

Someone who knows Limousin better than me may (I've only visited it once) know whether there are many Japanese people in the area you are thinking of moving to, but I suspect most live/work in or near the big cities.

Good luck with your move and your quest!


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Not met or heard of any in your area  but suggest you ask the tourist board and chamber of commerce etc. in case they can help.I live about 25 kms. from your village and have been here for 5 years.

It was strange to me finfing so many Japanese restaurants in Notre Dam area when I was lookinf for a chinese one.[:P]

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I HAVE  heard lots of their near kin  IN THE HAUTE VIENNE who are Geordies--that is why Nissan decided to build cars  in Tynneside-the decision was between Wales and the North  East ,but when they heard the Geordie say

" hoy yer hammer over hinney  "  there was no chance for the Welch!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HOW WAY THE LADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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