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Hi there,

We have moved down to Chartres back in July.

We have met some very nice French people there... 

But where are the English???? !!!!! We would love to hear from Brits who live in the area (and are obviously hiding somewhere...).

The Froggies.



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Chartres used to be my town until we moved down to the Poitou-Charentes.  Although we were 50 kms away, it is where we had our veterinary clinique (Place Pasteur), so I often used to go to do my shopping, etc. there.  I don't know if it is a very "English" area, I never met any, not that I tried to.  But I never noticed them around and in the shops like down here and elsewhere.  Chartres is very French!  Are you right in Chartres?


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You used to live 50kms South of Chartres, right?

We live North of Chartres, near Maintenon where there is a dircet train to Paris (50 mins) I suppose that English people tend not to get that close to Paris because house prices are a lot more expensive that what you would find in La Creuse for example.

Did you find it easy to settle down around here? Did you discover some nice restaurants or places of interest? Do you keep a good memory of it all?
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Seems a nice area.........we didn't look there as wifey said it was as flat as Lincolnshire, where we live [:(]

I particularly like the area  just south west of Chartres, I have fond memories of the "Beauce", and especially Bercheres les Pierres.


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My husband, a retired City of Orlando firefighter, and I will be moving to Bonneval (28), Centre, Eure-et-Loir, which is about 25 minutes from Chartres in September.  We are looking for either American or English people that live in that area.  We will be looking for a long term rental house with a small garden.  We have American friends who live in Bonneval and will be using their apartment until we find the house we want.  We would be interested in a home in Alluyes, Dangeau, Chateaudun or Bonneval.

Hoping to find some English speaking folks as I have a little French but my husband has none (although he is presently studying).



Winter Park, FL, USA

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