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Kennels/Catteries in Haute Vienne

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Sorry choccie, I can't help you, as I am in similar situation.   Sorted with vet etc and everything else concerned with animals (dog and cat), but have not come across anyone who can actually recommend kennels/catteries.  

I am also in Haute Vienne, nearest town is St Yrieix La Perche.

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I just read this thread and know an excellent kennel/cattery in south Haute-Vienne, just outside St Germain les Belles, junction 42 of A20. I'm not sure if it is too far away but let me know if you would like a phone number,



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I can recommend the kennels at St. Germain as well.  I put my dogs in last  year for a week and they were fine....came out as happy as can be.  A really great lady who obviously loves the job she does. 

Her name is Debra and her contact is


she normally replies late evening as she is busy at the kennels all day long.

There is also a French kennels called ferme-de-dienne

ferme-de-dienne@wanadoo.fr (they have a website)

 which is just outside Lussac Les Chateau on the way to Poitiers their telephone number is 0549458763 we put the dogs in there for one night a few months ago, it was a bit clinical very clean but I don't think the dogs got the personal touch but they were definitely safe in brand new purpose built kennels...they did speak some English.

There is also another French one at a place called La Brosse near Droux which is on the way to Bellac.  We went to visit just by chance he took us round everywhere with no problems, very clean and tidy and a really  nice guy, we did not use him in the end as my friend came out to dog sit for us.  I know people that have used the kennels and they were very happy with the service.  He is called  Marc Fretill and the email address is


I hope this is of some help to you.

We are in the South Vienne so probably not too far away from you, I think there is another one in the area and I will try and get some more details for you.  THere is a kennels between Chauvigny and Montmorillon which I understand is horrendous but I cant vouch for that myself although it does look pretty grotty from the outside.



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I can also recommend Debra. She looked after our three labradors last Christmas when we went back to the UK to see the family. We were delayed coming back due to the storms in the channel and she kept the dogs for a couple of extra days without any fuss, which was a great help. The dogs all came home very fit and well.
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