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A year or so ago I noticed someone in Gueret put a note in La Montagne offering French Lessons to English and any other foreign residents.  Lessons in Gueret and name given was Julia (same as mine, hence I remembered it)  Why not make enquiries at the Mairie in Gueret?

You could also pop into the library in La Souteraine (it being quite central) and enquire there - if, of course library is open!  Otherwise Mairie there.  French classes seem to be offered quite widely nowadays - presumably because so many foreigners are settling in the area (and of course we are all foreigners to the French!)

Best wishes


(sometimes in the Creuse)

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Congratulations on your move Steve, we will be following you some time this year just as soon as we have sold our house, which we're putting on the market in the next week or two. I retired last July and my OH will retire as soon as we have a buyer, We can't wait! We're near Crozant, so not too far from you, we have had our house since 2000 and personally I can't wait NOT to have to pack up and leave just when you're feeling relaxed and enjoying yourself.

. What is the most daunting thing at the moment is trying to make some kind of sense of all the things we will have to do in the next six months or so, both at the English end and in France. You will have been through the same kind of thing I guess, estate agents, solicitors, bank accounts in England, forms from Newcastle, removal van, medical info, etc., etc., my head's spinning just putting a few things down here! [:-))]

It would be interesting to hear how you're getting on with sorting out the paperwork now you're resident. How easy have you found it to sort out the medical insurance, CPAM, car etc. I, and I'm sure lots of others, would be very interested to hear.



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Thanks Carole,

we are now over the initial settling down period and are getting things well sorted. The CPAM at Geuret (our nearest) have been most friendly and helpful. I'm getting the CT on the cars done this week, so I hope that getting their carte gris will be straightforward. Banks and insurances have been really easy. The most hassle I have had is with closing things down in the UK; direct line insurance playing silly so and so's about sending proof of no claims, Orange and TopUp TV telling me that they have no record of me telling them (in plenty of time) of the cancellation of the contract and so on! Finding someone who had firewood that was suitable for burning this year (as opposed to letting it dry out for a couple of years) was a bit harder but we eventually succeeded. The whole exercise has definitely been worth it! Monday and yesterday were spent cutting one of the hedges, just being outside all day was quite superb. My goodness me, are we sleeping well these days?

We know Crozant, as you say it is not that far from us. We have pleasant memories of Crozant as we were camping there in 1998 when France won the world cup, quite exciting it was!

all the best for your plans, I hope they go as smoothly as you would wish!


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