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Swop or Lend Books in Indre?

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Since we arrived in mid-September to start renovating our house, my wife has been going through the books we brought at an alarming rate. Possibly because there is little for her to do till we are in the house (while I'm fairly fully occupied.....). My son will arrive at the end of November with a suitcase full of new titles (plus three Bahco saws I left behind), but how can we cope till then?

Is there anybody in the area (we're near Buzancais) who might be interested in swopping books (or, if really desperate, lending favourites)?.

Her tastes are "modern fiction" - authors such as Dan Brown, Harlen Coben, John Grisham and various others, including female authors.

Please save me spending a small fortune on Amazon!


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Hello to Ian & Jehe

We are between Villdomain & Loché sur Indrois - not very far from you at all. I'd certainly be interested in book swap/loans.

For a good 10euro lunch, try the auberge at Heugnes: They are currently operating at the Maison des Associations [the old station] while the auberge kitchen is being refitted.


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Peter, thanks for the response. Now we're settled into the house, my wife no longer has such a need for books. Other things to do with her time.

We do however have a box or two of surplus books, donated in her hour of need by kind people such as Jehe. If you're stuck for somthing to read, you're welcome to them.


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