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I read a post by hoverfrog posted in Sept.  Someone recommended D Brown and an old number.  I am just curious to know if this chap is called David Brown and has a wife called Laura (i think).  I used a chap in Scotland located in Fife area and believe he moved to France and still comes back to uk to work too.  Is this him - small world if it is!  He had a good reputation, was qualified, insured and good with the horses.  Did most of the horses at our yard back in 2000 -2002 ish.  I am sure my friend still uses him when he is in UK.  Say hello from the old South Littleton Stables crowd if it is!  I have bought project near Montlucon and if I move permanently will also need his services again - same horse too.  New tel number?

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Thank you so much.  Its really nice to make new friends abroad but its also great when you bump into old ones unexpectedly in a different country!  I've met my old  school teacher on holiday in Spain, school friends in S of France years ago and relatives of my neighbours in Yorkshire camped next to us once in France and then  the neighbours arrived to join them!  Like I said, small world.  He really is good with the horses isnt he?  I had my own livery yard/small riding school for a while to used him quite a bit until my lease ran out.  I moved and my vet specialises in dentistry so I havent needed to use him since.


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