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Help getting a bike - Cher/Creuse border

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Can anybody help out a poor Yank forced into exile in France by the evil Russians?? :-) Seriously folks, I live in St. Petersburg, have since 1996, but in Sept. I fell afoul of new and chaotic visa laws and was forced to leave the country for 90 days on very short notice. Going to the US was out unless I want to be liable to my Uncle Sam for taxes for the whole year. We used to own a house near the Cher/Creuse border and the folks who bought it from us for a holiday home kindly offered me the use of the place thru the end of the year. I had no time to get budget together for a car rental so I'm out here in the boonies with the chickens and sheep and my 2 feet.

I'd really like to get somehwhere and buy a bike which I would leave here for my friends to enhance their summer rental offering. But the caretaker who has been taking me to the supermarket on weekends has only a tiny ancient car that can't transport a bike and I've had no luck finding some other local trasnport. If anybody in the area could help me out I'd gladly spring for some petrol and something to refuel you as well if you know of a nice place.

I'm located in Cher (18) about 2 km from Préveranges. My best bet for a bike would probably be Carrefour in Montluçon - open to other suggestions. Don't need something expensive. Please email me if you can help. Merci.

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