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English Fete Dun-le-Palestel

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Hi everyone

If you're in or around Dun-le-Palestel this Saturday ( 4th July) the volunteers at the English Library, Parc Benjamin Bord, in Dun, have organised an English Garden fete which begins at 2.00pm

We are part of an English / French group Entente Cordiale www.ententecordiale-creuse.org and this is to be a fundraiser to enhance the facilities in the library. Both French and English people are involved in this and there will, as part of the afternoon's entertainment, be cream teas and a display of traditional English country dancing, including Morris dancing. The dancers are an English / French group, made up of library volunteers and other members of Entente Cordiale, who have been practising hard for many weeks and are now ready for public scrutiny - well we sincerely hope so anyway!![:D]

Do come along and support us, it should be a great afternoon!


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There are loos, which are 2 steps up inside the library building. I do hope this won't put you off, as this is our first venture of its kind and we really want everyone to come and make it a success. The weather forecast is now looking decidely better than it was a couple of days ago!

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