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Parking Limoges (again)

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I know parking at Limoges Airport has come up in the past, but doing a search I can't actually find what I need.

I have a french registered/insured etc car that I would like to find some long term parking for somewhere near Limoges Airport - can anyone help? I am happy to pay, but shy a little away from the yearly charge of 600 euros at the aitrport itself (from what I can see).

Thanks- JD

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I would think there are a fair number of people looking for long term parking near Limoges Airport - surely this is a business opportunity for someone with a bit of land close by to earn a few extra euros? If the airport is charging 6oo Euros a year then even 20 cars would be a nice easy earner? I can't beleive the is no-one doing it!!!
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Josa - you can buy smaller time periods - like six months at a go if you want.

Mind you, compare to UK airports, its cheap but I agree, an off-airport long term park could be useful.

Have seen a lot of cars parked up just off the first round about outside the airport for short periods but looks a bit risky to me.


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