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Paper back books in English

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We are having to clear the house and have a lot of paper back books which are in good condition.

Does anyone know of an English Library which would take them?  I tried selling them on Leboncoin.

We're on the Indre/Creuse border ( Ste Sevére)

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We had the same problem a few months ago - we needed more bookshelf space so decided to get rid of some books in english.

I tried the 2 nearest libraries, and the English stall in the market, she has a small library at home, but already overflowing - do you have an english stall?

No luck, but I didn't try Emmaus. Sadly, they ended up in the recycling bin.

(I kept yours, Wooly!)

I also cleared out some books in french but the nearest library was pleased to have those.

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