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Thanks - that's the one. Need to change the .com to .co.uk

Still undecided whether to use them or not.

Will the 20% fee they charge be a deciding factor I wonder - will my stock of Roobios tea last till the next visitor arrives????
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[quote user="JeanS"]... will my stock of Roobios tea last till the next visitor arrives????[/quote]

Have you tried buying it in France?

I don't know how much it costs you in UK, but I do know I can buy it from the local bio-coop.

My drink of choice is peppermint herbal tea, which costs a bomb over here.

Instead, I have to make do with a mint-liquorice tisane from Casino, which is an adequate substitute at an affordable price.

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Yes, I grow my own mint, and I have 4 patches of mint gradually spreading over... but I do drink a lot of it (a pack of 25 bags lasts about 2 days) and it doesn't grow in winter (and before you ask, I don't grow enough to drink and to dry for winter consumption [:)])

I used to buy it in lots of 2 boxes of 20 packs of 25 bags, direct from Twinings, but they don't ship to France...

Edit: actually, it seems they do ship to France now! [:-))]

Last time I asked, they gave me a contact in Paris who never replied to my email (surprise...)

and they do do Rooibos too...

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Thanks for all your suggestions. Have checked Lidl but not Aldi. I did notice that in the market yesterday there was a new stall selling all sorts of loose spices including loose Red Tea - so may buy some next week.
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[quote user="JeanS"]How did you buy from Twinnings - I like their Lemon & Ginger tea. I bought some Lemon tea over here and it tastes quite odd.[/quote]

I bought from their website: http://shop.twinings.co.uk/shop/

Very quick delivery via DHL + local courrier.

I calculated that the total cost, when buying 10 boxes of 80 bags, was only slightly higher than the boxes of French-bought English tea Mr Clair prefers to drink.

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