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Don't move to France ... until you've done your homework link www.dontmovetofrance.org.uk/

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A look before you leap.  The pros and cons of moving to France: http://www.dontmovetofrance.org.uk/


Comments and suggestions about the site welcomed.  Especially where we have clearly got it wrong.  It is not our intention to be misleading, but to provide helpful information to people - even though our position on some issues is a bit strong or single-minded.

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Thank you for the link to your web site - I should point out that it is your site, isn't it?. A dip into the great bran tub of reality is always welcome to offset the Utopian view of the dreamers and TV programme makers.

Certainly the arguments against moving to France are strong, and all that you say, and more, is aired on this forum, which I think gives a balanced view of the pros and cons of French life - we think more so than similar forums. For this reason I hope, that now you have plugged your site on this forum, you will include a reciprocal link to www.livingfrance.com.

I do think you have included some misleading statements, however. People could get the impression that if they move to France their children are likely to be called up on national service and sent to war zones - I don't think this is necessarily the case, even for those born in France.

And: "If you are not employed by a French company you may not have access to the free French health system. You may need to take private health insurance" - This particular topic has been discussed here at length very recently - few European citizens in France have to, indeed are allowed to, have private health cover.

I don't want to pull apart what is, at heart, a useful site, so I won't go on. Apart that is from expressing concern about some very misleading information about notaires and agents under the 'exhibitions' heading, as well as some valid comments.

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[quote]Shouldn't this link be in the 'Opinionated and and full of Misleading Information links' forum. I'd hate newcomers to the forum to think LF is giving credibility to this tosh[/quote]

It's not tosh, there are a lot of valid points, many of which are frequently raised on this forum. There are a few errors, and  'Later' has said he is willing to correct anything misleading so wouldn't it be better to point out the things you think are wrong?

Anything to make people think twice about moving to another country without knowing what they are letting themselves in for has to be applauded. If you read Later's list and still want to live here in France that's great. Note that it says 'don't move until you've done your homework' rather than just 'don't move'.

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Hello Martyn

Having, like you, a bit of a vested interest in the immobilier business I have already contacted John (later) about that particular page and you will see that he has made some changes already. In view of your comments maybe he will refine it further.

I know that Judie always tries to give an honest view of moving to France to those who think they can make a living out of gites or B&B or carry on their English work, just like that, and I always endorse such views - clients certainly appreciate some honesty. There are some less scrupulous people around selling houses - particularly in our neck of the woods - and it's good that people should be informed that there are decent agents around, and there are sharks who don't give the service they should.

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I will say it once more, I have bought and sold over many years in France and I have come across too many rogue agent commerciales and agent immo's themselves to even want to argue their case but what I will repeat is, I am extremely wary of those that feel the need to defend defend and defend again, their personal business. If one is not named, why ?

Why? If  painters are accused of being rubbish, you don't see another painter come rushing in to defend his trade, same with Paul the electrician on our forum, same with a few of the builders on here. They rely on their good name and THAT is what one trades on, NOT on what other rogue workers do. If they do say anything it is to warn members of what to look out for, thereby  helping people on the forum, not looking after their own personal vested interests.

Who's kidding who? To simply deny dishonest agents, either commercial or immobilier themselves exist, is ridiculous in the extreme.

I know of at least 3 agent immos who look in on this site, not one ever says a dicky bird, why, well why indeed, they are good at their business, honest, tell it as it is (well for the most part !) have plenty of recommendations and have no want to enter in to something they feel is best left to others who wish to defend what for them has no bearing on their own business.

A good name is a good name in any line of work, that is the aim surely, to getting your business seen as honest and professional?

Will, you have the common sense to recognise the obvious fact that many rogues are around and I am sure Judy, who let's be honest does NOT advertise her place, really does not need to enter in to defending something she knows she does honestly. Hardly anyone knows her place anyway so.........................

This site states some excellent points but it would be easy to simply nit pick the parts that affect anyone in particular, it should be judged overall and there are more serious points that should be heeded than trivial ones.


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[quote]I will say it once more, I have bought and sold over many years in France and I have come across too many rogue agent commerciales and agent immo's themselves to even want to argue their case but what...[/quote]

Miki, against my better judgement I actually browsed this site yesterday evening.  I say better judgement for one has a very good idea what is going to follow after reading the title.

The words prejudge and bias spring to mind.  What I find puzzling is that the expression 'common sense' rarely enters the equation.  It's now called 'doing your homework'.  Has it become unfashionable to engage the brain nowadays?  And does it require these doom laden prophets to point out the obvious over and over again?  

I know I've got a great idea.  It's really original.  Lets all learn to speak the language fluently and then perhaps we might realise that 75% of the problems discussed on this site are due from failure to speak the tongue of these wonderfully, strange creatures, called 'The French'.

The above statement is given from one who knows that if she cannot get to grips with this language thingy, she might just as well pack her bags and go back.  Problem is ......where!  

Actually I have a confession to make,  I'm beginning to rather like it here and....shock horror....would like to stay.  So back to those irritating little prepositions.  Such small words with such significance.    


PS.  Enjoyed your 'charlie' stories. 

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I had a look at this site the other day. We all have our specialities I suppose, so I looked straight at the education section. The discussion about the Ferry reforms could fill this forum, but I would think that people should  be warned more about the present "marche ou creve" attitude than any worries (imagined or not) from the SNES about decentralisation of the cleaning staff

One interesting point was made about people going to university to avoid national service. I repeated it to my husband, who looked surprised and said "I wish it were true". Going to uni just delayed the terrible moment. And anyway, as was dicussed here recently, national service is now a "journée du citoyen" not really something that is going to have an effect on university access.

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Good healthy debate of opposing views should be encouraged. I've worked in France and have had a love affair with the place for many years and recently went over to view properties.

Not sure went wrong for me but I didn't buy despite seeing a lovely house to die for but returned empty handed and my love affair with France has been dampened and I'm not sure why!

I've also recently returned from Croatia empty handed but it did teach me a number of things.

Living abroad is normally a dream for lots of people and some manage to realise that dream and sometimes it works for them and sometimes not. If it works then that is fantastic and for the others it can be shattering.

The point I'm trying to make, and its taken me many years to realise, is that the dream is tied up with emotions and these are sometimes not based on sound judgment nor practicailities and also can't always be explained easily but they are what drives us and makes us what we are.

My dream continues but in another country. There is nothing wrong with planning and listening to others for advice and whether you act on what you are told is your decision alone. I think this is the perspective from which John has written his article and it maybe of help to some and to others perhaps not, but this does not detract from its content (save the odd inaccuracy which he has acknowledged).

If you have found realisation of your dream in France then I and I'm sure John is happy for you, as for me my quest continues but I now have a healthy regard for what is driving my search, my emotions and they are sometimes not easily controlled!

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