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British Church's in SW France

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This list was provided by the British Consulate, South of France and is correct as of October 2004, it is by department.

There are Anglican churches and chaplains in Marseilles, Nice, Cannes, Menton, Monaco, Beaulieu and Saint-Raphael.  The church at Vence is served by the chaplain in Nice.



All Saints                                             

Rue de Belloi                                        

13006 Marseille

Chaplain Tel. :



Holy Trinity

11 Rue de la Buffa

06000 Nice

Chaplain. :



Holy Trinity

Avenue Branly / rue du Canada

06400 Cannes

Chaplain.: 04 93 94 54 61



St John                                    

Avenue Carnot                          

06500 Menton

Chaplain.: 04 93 57 20 25


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