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I don't know about you, but even though I am French-born and bred, I am finding it extremely difficult to know what's what and who's who in French political life... The use of acronyms and overuse of "République" in all their names certainly do not help!

I know Chirac has always been a weasel [:P], but where does does Ségolène come from? and is Arlette still trying?

Anyway, I've found this website which lists all political parties and explains (a bit) where they stand.

I particularly like the bit where it says "neither from the right nor from the left"!
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[quote user="Christine Animal"]Is there much point in trying to find out Clair?  Put them all in the same panier, mix them up, and they all come out about the same... except for Le Pen of course.[/quote]

It certainly sounds like it, which is why I have been wanting to know what they actually stand for (on a specific time of day or day of the week...?!)

I am interested, I like to know who, what, why and how...

Unlike Ron [:P], I tend not to rely on French news, or English news: I read several papers (online), listen to and look at several news programs, trying to get a feel for every side of an argument...

I can see on the box that this person is a member of this party, but that does not tell me what they say what they say or what their agenda
is (apart from the presidential!). I just like to know...just me, I suppose!

However, I still turn off the TV or radio and skip the paper whenever Le Pen or anyone connected with his outfit appears or is discussed. The man and his ideas make me absolutey mad...

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FRENCH POLITICAL PANORAMA For english dummies ! :)

---------------------- EXTREM LEFT :

- LCR : Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire ( Olivier BESANCENOT = ' The Post Man " )


- LO : Lutte Ouvrière ( Arlette LAGUILLER )


- PCF : Parti Communiste Français ( Marie Georges BUFFET )


---------------------- LEFT :

- PARTI SOCIALISTE ( Ségolène ROYALE & her husband François HOLLANDE )


- LES VERTS : Ecologistes


---------------------- CENTER ( right )

- UDF : Union Démocratie Française ( François BAYROU )


---------------------- RIGHT :

- UMP : Union pour Mouvement Populaire ( Jaccques CHIRAC - Nicolas SARKOSY )


---------------------- EXTREM RIGHT :

- MPF : Mouvement Pour la France ( DE VILLIERS )


- FRONT NATIONAL ( Jean Marie LE PEN & his daughter, Marine )

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