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Hi  Maggie ......  I do not have experience of buying in France ...but ...I do know there is a big market in Mobile Homes sold from the big parks such as Haven ...(My Lions Club has had a couple for years... we use them  to give people free holidays ..disabled .etc and I ran the bookings side  )  Vans sold by people on these sites  who upgrade ....I know have been bought and are then  shipped out of Poole and transported all over France .The UK mobile homes these days are very well equipped .....and from my experience of renting the O,Hara ones in France.... the UK ones are nicer. much more comfortable  ......Try ringing the sales office for Haven Holidays and some of the others.....  they will know of and will pass on details of  agents who buy and ship out  new and used ones ....... it is in their interest to get the second hand ones off the parks when they sell an upgrade one .If you have a site for one.... then it may well be a lot cheaper than buying in France...good luck .   

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We bought a mobile home from England to facilitate us while between

homes, but the home itself came from Spain. We used a company called

Europarcs who have been absolutely brilliant. They were a lot cheaper

than Haven. Shipping from England is likely to cost around £2000, but

from the prices I've seen in France that could still be cheaper, and

although I can't speak for O'Hara you may well get better quality. IRM

are the other main French maker.

If you're interested, our one may be up for sale at the end of the

season. It's only 2 years old, sited close to Blois in the Centre


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We also bought a mobile home from England. We live on the Cornwall/Devon border (Cornwall side) and bought the 'van for £1000 ( half price as it had a superficial dent on the exterior), from a firm near Exeter. I only wanted cheap and cheerful, but not knackered. The one we have is 34x10ft, 1991, 3 bedrooms and very good condition and clean. We then paid a further £1800 to have it shipped from Exeter to Poole and then an English man (pure coincidence) based in Rennes collected it and transported to our land near Civray, south Vienne. The chap who we bought it from arranged everything for it's transportation. We supplied a few detailed maps and a photo of site to help and asked some friends meet it/him. We did consider arranging tranport ourselves, and did a lot of telephoning around but decided to buy from Exeter as it was easier on our part and I think slightly cheaper. It couldn't have been simpler. Exeter was very helpful, and efficient, not at all pushy or giving the salesman's patter. They even hung on to the 'van for about a month or so until I had asked permission from the Maire, and then it was delivered within 10days, and that was over the Easter weekend. Take into account that a 12ft wide 'van will be more expensive as it needs an escort.


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We bought ours from the Haven site south of Bordeaux - they had a stock of about 20 for sale, both English and French vans. We opted for a UK van as the French ones felt really cheaply made. Haven arranged delivery and siting.

Where is your propertys - we still need ours, but there are quite a few for sale around here - dept 16. If you want Haven's number, send a PM and I will send the info.


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