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Best links page i have ever come across

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The link doesn't work!  Here's the correct link.


Why do you like it, exactly?  I did a search on the link page for B&B France Alencon and it didn't find a single one - it came up with 50 results in order of relevancy, starting with somewhere in Tarn-et-Garonne!

Presumably just from the point of view of building website links, is that what you meant?

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The instruction says:


you place a link on your home page to any OMNI-LINKED web site, every

participating web site will automatically link back to you.
As more web

sites link up, OMNI-LINK automatically places a reciprocal link to your

web site.
There are six major benefits:

  1. OMNI-LINK automatically manages your linking strategies.

  2. The number of Internet sites linking to your web site grow organically.

  3. OMNI-LINK helps your web site gain higher search engine rankings.

  4. All participating web sites MUST show the OMNI-LINK logo on their HOME page so traffic to your site is guarenteed to increase.


  6. OMNI-LINK is the only link your webmaster will have to manage.

Please note:

OMNI-LINK will only accept your application once their link has been

placed on your HOME PAGE.
Placing the OMNI-LINK on your links page is

not acceptable. If you remove the link, we will remove all the links

running to your site. We do not accept links from web sites that

contain adult content, gaming sites, or web sites that may cause

offence. The Where On Earth Group reserve the right to decline

applications at our own discretion.

So, you place one link to any one omni-linked website and all of the other omni-linked websites automatically link back to you.  Is that the deal?  Or are you supposed to link to Omni-Link, i.e. All The Earth.com? They say both things at different points above.  [8-)]

Sounds a bit too good to be true!  I can't see how that works, but then I'm no great shakes on linking beyond the basics.
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Search engines such as Google recommend that webmasters request relevant links to their sites (conduct a link campaign), but avoid participating in link farms. According to Google, a site that participates in a link farm may have its search rankings penalized.

Search engines try to identify specific attributes associated with link farm pages and filter those pages from indexing and search results. In some cases, entire domains are removed from the search engine indexes in order to prevent them from influencing search results.


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Hi James

As I understand it a link farm is a Web page that is nothing more than a page of links to other sites.

Do you think Web directories count as link farms?  There are loads of those offering to exchange links and I have done so since at least 6 months ago (I list in whatever page is closest to 'tourism-accommodation-guest house') and my PR seems okay and I get good rankings on my keyword searches, so I haven't been blacklisted yet!

Does this scheme mentioned here look like a link farm to you?

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Don't want to be too cynical about this, but what odds a topic entitled " most wonderful links page in the universe" is penned by someone linked to the site in question? [;-)]

Bonjour Magazine used to have a print version ... along with France Review and several other titles. All of which were the identical magazine under a different cover but aimed at different marketing sectors.

They gave up and went entirely webzine back in 2002ish.

Frankly I don't think much of the links pages at all. "Worldwide" links?  Seems to be mainly centered on the Dordogne. I prefer web directories with at least some quality control.

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I was once foolish enough to pay a years subscription for Bonjour France magazine, I subsequently received only 2 copies and the company vanished. It was a lesson learnt and I would not pay up front subscriptions ever again. I would be interested to know whether anyone else fell into the trap?
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I liked it so much I felt compelled to send the owner a thank you email for putting together such a comprehensive list.  It is on my favorites list to send to folks who inquire about this, that or the other.

I did get a note back to me email saying how much time and thought had gone into putting the list together.

We simply profit from it.


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