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Registering your whereabouts with the FCO in case of emergency

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The Foreign Office's on-line registration for British citizens resident or on holiday overseas is now up and running.  This is designed to help British citizens in any kind of emergency or catastrophe like floods, earthquakes, plague, pestilence, Apocalypse etc.  The FCO slogan is "If we can't find you, we can't help you".


Visit  http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/travelling-and-living-overseas/ . Click on LOCATE.  An information page including an on-line registration form is displayed.


This service is available for expatriate British citizens resident abroad, as well as British travellers temporarily abroad e.g. on holiday or for work.

Once registered, it is easy to keep your details up to date (change of   address, etc).

If you think this database is likely to end up on the London underground and you don't want the BBC or Daily Mail to know where you are, stay clear.
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Were you rather thinking of their failure to help individuals who have got into trouble with local authorities etc., Sal?

I always got the impression that the FCO do their best in cases of major disaster,  Their response may not always be perfect, but I think this is a move to improve what they can do for British citizens caught up in troublespots rather than a cynical ploy to keep tabs on everyone's movements (which has also been suggested elsewhere).  And I'm usually ever so slightly cynical/sceptical/doubtful about everyone's motives, never mind government departments. 

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