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Spending a penny !!!


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Didn't you know that the world is a French man's toilet! I think that the theory is that as it's a natural function then why make a fuss.

It's when they don't clear up after their dogs that I find bad. We always carry a doggie bag for those occasions. Although our Chockie Lab favors deep undergrowth. (I will never think the same way about 'doggie bags' in restraunts again ?)


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As the locals say-Mais wee!!!!

 Our next door neighbours(S.E Vendeean) have regular visitors i.e another early old aged couple.After the initial greeting and the multiple cheek kissing,the old man is accompanied to the garage where he promptly pee-pees.After the round of moules,mojettes etc,on leaving the same custom is adhered to,before they drive off.Must be one hell of good friend saving them from the water metered w.c supply!!!!!!


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