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As told by a friend


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Driving home from the local bar one night at around 9pm my friend spotted the Gendarme flagging him down.  He was completely sober but wasn't wearing his seat belt so as he pulled over he quickly put it on.  He was asked the usual questions such as where he was going and where he had been but they didn't mention the seat belt.  When he told them he had come from the bar they asked him to follow them back the the station. No problem he thought I've not had a drink and they don't seem to have noticed the seat belt.  So off he went.

At the station he was given a specimen jar and asked to provide a urine sample.  He was a little surprised at the request but as he had nothing to hide he obliged.  This done he was asked to wait at the front desk.

As he was waiting there was an almighty commotion as some officers brought in an extremely drunk and violent man.  The officer behind the desk was called over to assist with the taking of the man to the cells.

My friend was left alone.  An hour passed and still no-one had returned.  Had he been forgotten he wondered??  Another 1/2 hour passed by and he knew that by this time his OH would be getting a little worried and annoyed.  So he made a decision.  He was off!

Just as he was leaving he spotted his jar on the counter and in a moment of madness he grabbed the jar and legged it!!

He drove home, parked the car and went indoors to explain the nights events to his wife.  About 1 hour later they went to bed.

At around 3am he was awoken by a loud banging.  He went downstairs and opened the door and stood on the door step were 2 gendarme officers.

He invited them in and it transpired that they had been driving around patrolling the area and had spotted his car, he had left the lights on and the kindly officers had decided to wake him up to let him know.  How nice!  But then as they turned to leave their gaze fixed on something.  He turned to follow their stare and there it was on the kitchen table his specimen jar.

To cut a long story slightly shorter he got away with the seat belt crime and he wasn't over the limit and so couldn't be charged with drink driving but he was charged with something totally unexpected he was charged with.............................................







                                                     .....taking the p**s!!!!!


my apologies if i've got this slightly wrong??

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