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Hi im in need of your sound advice again, i want to copy a picture in one of the threds into an email . is this possible i did what you told me to do to get one in a thred and i got the writting bit up but how do i turn it into a picture ? do i just have to post it? your an angel...[kiss] hope you dont mind me asking again
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Hi Pads

Sorry, just seen this post.  Try right clicking over the

image, click copy, go to your email then paste (Ctrl+v or right click

and click paste).  This works in Firefox and in IE so you should be okay.


That's weird.  I edited this in IE7 and all of a sudden there are break tags all over the place that I can't edit out!

And now they've gone again because I did an edit in Firefox!

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hello guru its me again, this time im trying to copy smileys from smiley central, I have tryed the way with[img] ect and i have tryed copy paste but all i get is the writing (check out ali/pads moving thred} how do i turn writting into picture? Cor dont i speak good technial lauguage...[:$]
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Do you mean like this?  Download and install the toolbar from Smiley Central.  It will appear in your browser next time you open it.  Click on the icon for 'Smiley Central'.  Right click on a smiley and click "copy smiley graphic" and paste it in your message like this:

by pressing Ctrl+v together. 

Remember I browse in Firefox so I'm not sure if you get the same menu when you right click in Explorer, but there should be something similar.

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