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We once watched a child do exaclly that in our local in Stroud. It was an hotel and the child lay on the floor kicking and screaming and daddy just stood and said to him "Oh darling, don't do that...." He should have had a smacked bum and the condom should have been used to stop the father!


P.S. Thinking along those lines, that would have solved the whole problem??

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>>>Funny though, I have never seen it on the air here.<<<

UK or French TV?...

Come to think of it, the bloke looks like a Boris Becker doppleganger...

Maybe HE should have been careful in his broom cupboard with his brazilian maid!....

Missy!!! Shame on you!!.... naughty....
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Missy - you know I too thought he looked exactly like Boris Becker...  The kid was speaking French, or at least he was on the version I saw, so I figured it was a French commercial.  I guess it could have been dubbed for any language.


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Something to do with learning limits and behaving within a social boundry comes to mind. What was the old saying "Spare the rod and spoil the child". i never had to hit my children because they knew their limits and where the line was! That child obviously didn't!!!!!!!
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[quote user="St_Jacques"]

Sorry but totally against smacking - what right do we have to hit a child?



I am not sure that we should have many rights... but I sure we have (and ought to have) a lot of duties. Anyone who has a child surely has a duty to bring that child up so that their journey through life is the best it can be and a duty to make sure that others do not suffer because of the child. If an occasional last resort smack teaches a child where the boundries are and so aids that journey through life, then perhpas it has a place? The trouble comes with adults who use a beating as a first solution to everything.


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When I was a child and very naughty I was smacked. Turned out none the worse of it. Didn't like it at the time - but they it was only when I had been exceptionally bad (and relatively rare). I did not turn me into a vicious maniac, nor am I claiming "abusive childhood" as my excuse for all sorts of criminal behaviour.

People are very vocal about "not smacking", etc. and it actually shows no consideration for those that have to endure their mis-behaved children. I am not of the "should be seen and not heard" attitude but sometimes they can get too much - not the parents fault if it happens some times but then when the parents do nothing to stop exactly the same happening again then it is just irresponsible.

I tend to think the "never smack" is another case PC gone mad. True, people should not go around beating up their children but I think most parents know when to punish and what punishment is appropriate (and if they don't, should they really be bringing up children ?).

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