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You lot are clever, please help


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I have two suggestions for you.

The first is that you ask yourself, did I go straight home, or did I stop anywhere else.  If you stopped somewhere, did you use the same bag? If you went straight home, dig out the receipt for everything you bought, and track down each and every item you put away (it might be hiding in the freezer, the bread bin, the veggie basket etc).

If the above fails, resort to plan B (and quite honestly, I'm rather disapointed that you didn't work this out for yourself).

Firstly, arm yourself with a good stout broom, then slap your hand against your thigh a few times, whilst calling (in a somewhat higher than normal voice) "here cheesey cheesey cheesey".  When the AWOL cheese rushes out to see what all the noise is about, pin it down with the broom. Simple.



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Yes it was me!!! I now don't bother with a shopping list, I just go round until I find a pre-loaded chariot with tasty morsals that I fancy.Saves so much time and effort and I get exercise by out running little old ladies.  The cheese is mine ALL MINE I TELL YOU Muwuhahaha [6].  I shall torture it by cutting off the corners and nibbling away at it - then I may send you the empty wrapper[blink]
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